Live Day 6: Germany in the final. Switzerland will fight for the bronze

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WINTERTHUR. The Swiss team came out fighting hoping to knock the favourites off the top spot. Unfortunately for the home team and their fans it wasn’t meant to be with Switzerland losing 3:0. The atmosphere at stadium Schützenwiese was like a final, there were 5,237 people inside and with the majority of the crowd supporting the home side the disappointment is palpable.



+++++  7. Round of 20:30  +++++

Austria have forced Brazil into the Bronze medal match in spectacular fashion. Bringing everything to the field they convincingly beat Brazil at the semi-final match in stadium Schützenwiese this evening. Is this the team that can knock Germany off it’s perch? I have a feeling lots of people here would like to see Austria do just that in the final tomorrow evening.

Karl Müllehner, who had an amazing game tonight, said after the match „ the game was incredible, the fans were standing at out backs. It felt like we were performing at home with the crowd behind us in this way. It was as though we had a sixth player on the field. We almost feel like we have already played the final“

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+++++  6. Round of 18:30  +++++

Germany had to play to a resounding chorus of „Hopp Schwiiz“ ringing in their ears. It wasn’t enough however to put them off their game and they managed to beat the home side 3-0. The Swiss played really well and particualarly in the second set were sublime and had the Germans chasing them point for point. In the end Germany were just more decisive on the last two attacking shots and won the set.

Fabian Sagstetter, Captain of Team Germany said “the 14:14 ball (in set two) was extremely important for us. We arrived in the match after a bad start and winning against such a team with three sets to none is great. We want to become the World Champions tomorrow. The atmosphere on the pitch is crazy; we really enjoy playing here”.

Oliver Lang said “We failed today. The little number of chances that we had we just couldnt capitalise on. The fans are definitely not the reason why we lost. We take all the responsibility”.

We will have to wait until tomorrow to see if either Austria or Brazil will be able to put a stop to Germany’s winning streak.

Saturday 17th August 2019

Germany in the Final at 1800

Switzerland in the Bronze medal match at 1600

Germany – Switzerland  3-0 (11:6, 15:14, 11:3)

+++++  5. Round of 17:00  +++++


Poland makes Serbia work for their nail-biting win and the President’ Cup


As the score line shows Poland did not let Serbia have an easy win. Poland’s Christoph Lechthaler said of Serbia „The Serbian team are very agile now they have changed their team for younger players. We could not attack strongly enough and Serbia deserved the win“ . As the second oldest team in this competition and an average age of 34, Poland’s Christoph Lechthaler makes a good point that age may have played a part in the Serbians win.

The polnish coach Markus Kraft said after the match: “The thirteenth rank is exactly what we set as our goal before the competition. I am very proud of the boys, they fought for victory ball by ball.”

Serbia 13th
Poland 14th

Serbia – Poland  3-0 (15:13, 11:5, 15:13)

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+++++  4. Round of 15:45  +++++


New Zealand beat Denmark in straight sets 3:0. The Kiwi’s played at their best and the crowd loved it. Denmark couldn’t respond to strong attacking from Sam Kempf, Leon Vannoort and Max Tiweka. The New Zealand team performed above expectations at their first ever World Championship and leave Europe 11th in the world.


Neuseeland schließt erste WM mit 11. Rang ab


New Zealand is one of the newer fistball playing nations at this World Championship and is here for the first time. New Zealand were dominant throughout the match and managed to play every player for their last game of the 2019 Fistball Men’s World Championship.

Denmark are now 12th in the world and should be proud of their performance today. They played good fistball with strong attacking plays but were unfortunately outclasssed this time with the New Zealand defence just too strong.

The only bitter pill to swallow in this for New Zealand is that they now miss out qualifying for the World Games in  America in 2021.

New Zealand 11th
Denmark 12th

New Zealand – Denmark  3-0 (11:2, 11:7, 11:2)

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+++++  3. Round of 14:30  +++++

Japan definitely have the crowds hearts here at Winterthur. Along wtih the Netherlands they drew a big crowd for their game on court three. The Netherlands won and are now officially in 17th place with Japan in 18th.  Australia and Belgium played a game of two halfs. Belgium won the first two sets, Australia the next two and Belgium just managed to take out the fifth 12:10. Belgium are now 15th and Australia 16th.


Belgium wins marathon match

After being 2-0 up  Belgium couldn’t take the third set for the win. Australia won the next two forcing them to a fifth. The final set came down to the wire in an epic battle between the two nations that lasted for an hour and forty minutes. Belgium managed to win the last two points taking out the set 12:10 and the game 3:2.

Belgium 15th
Australia 16th

Belgium - Australia 3-2 (15:13, 13:11, 11:6, 11:8, 12:10)

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The Netherlands take 17th place from Japan

The Netherlands took the game three sets to none. However Japan did not make it easy for them playing really well together and looking at times as though they would win the first set. Both teams obvious enjoyment of the game is infectious and they pulled a big crowd for their match on court 3.

These new teams have improved markedly in this tournament and can take home valuable skills that they will be able to work on.

The Netherlands 17th
Japan 18th

The Netherlands – Japan  3-0 (11:9, 11:6, 11:6)

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+++++  2. Round of 13:15  +++++

Brazil took Chile down in straight sets and were dominant in every area of the game. At the same time the Czech Republic also had a victory, beating The Netherlands 3-0. Due to this victory Brazil advances to the semi-finals where they will meet Austria.


Brazil to play for gold

Brazil adavance to the semi-finals and will have to beat Austria this afternoon if they are to make it through to the finals tomorrow. Brazil was just too strong for Chile and outplayed them completely.

Brazil will play Austria at 2030 which will determine which team will be in the final and which playing for third place. Chile will play Italy for fifth place tomorrow at 1430.

Brazil - Chile 3-0 (11:3, 11:5, 11:4)

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Can the Czech Republic beat the USA

The Czech Republic were superior to Denmark taking them down in three sets. Denmark as one of the new teams in the championship can take heart that as the sport in their nation develops  so too will their experience.

The Czech Republic will play the USA tomorrow  at 1200 and Denmark play New Zealand  at 1545.

Czech Republic – Denmark  3-0 (11:2, 11:5, 11:4)

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+++++  1. Round of 12:00  +++++


Switzerland played a smart game overall against Italy though the Italian team of coach Jörg Ramel came out hard against them.  The Italians looked great in the first set but couldn’t maintain it in the second and third. The USA and New Zealand game was a closer match than the 3-0 scoreline suggests. In the end the USA were cool under pressure and ultimately made less mistakes than the new Kiwi side.


Switzerland do not disappoint

Switzerland go through to the semi-finals winning against Italy in straight sets. In the first set Italy presented themselves very well and showed the Swiss team that they wouldn’t be an easy opponent. The Italians couldn’t maintain their momentum however and the team of Oliver Lang earned their win. Switzerland will now go into the semi-final this afternoon at 1830. Italy will play again tomorrow at 1430 hoping for 5th place if they win.

Switzerland - Italy 3-0 (11:9, 11:2, 11:3)

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USA will get to play for 9th tomorrow

The USA won their match against the new New Zealand team 3-0. The Kiwi’s put up a good fight and should be proud of their performance. In the game there were no setting errors from the New Zealand side, however team USA just played a more disciplined game overall.  With ten to New Zealand’s four service wins and only four to New Zealand’s nine return errors the USA team outplayed the newcomers and deserved the win. The USA will play tomorrow at 1200 for 9th and New Zealand play this afternoon for 11th at 1545.

USA – New Zealand  3-0 (11:7, 11:7, 11:9)

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Day 6 - These are today's encounters


+++++  8. Round of 20:15  +++++

Austria came out firing on all cylinders and smashed the host team. They led with 7:4 but the Swiss were raring to go and brought the score back to 8 all. Austria worked hard and managed to win the first set 11:9.

Austria was on fire in the second set and Switzerland could not respond. Everything went Austria’s way with almost perfect fistball. Switzerland were overwhlmed by the form of the Austrians. And, in turn made unforced errors costing them more points

In the last set Switzerland fought back and almost brought Austria to a loss but it was too little too late and Austrai took the win 13:11. Austria now have one less game to play tomorrow with only the semi-final at 2030 and will either play against Chile or Brazil.

Raphael Schlattinger #3 for the Swiss side said after the match „we just couldn’t find a way into the game. All the five of us made stupid mistakes and Austria played very well in all positions. We did not play as well as we could and this is why Austria won. They deserved to win“

Stefan Wolfahrt the Austrian #10 said „finally after five years we could beat Switzerland in a competition match. The fans were amazing. It was a massive atmosphere in the stadium. We are already looking forward to our semi-final tomorrow“.

Austria – Switzerland 3-0 (11:9, 11:6 13:11)

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Germany will play either Switzerland or Italy tomorrow at 1830.