Preview Day 6: Final Rankings and Semi-Finals

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WINTERTHUR.  Today will see the President’s Cup winner and top final four announced. Will the original group of Switzerland, Germany, Brazil and Austria be the final four in the semi-finals this evening? Will Poland or Serbia raise the President’s Cup?


President’ Cup Final
Serbia and Poland came into yesterday as the favourites and even with Serbia’s shock defeat to Australia is still in the top spot in the group; and will play Poland today for the President’ Cup. The other teams that will play are Japan and the Netherlands for 17th and 18th place and Belgium and Australia for 15th and 16th at 1430.

Final elimination round
With Switzerland and Brazil still the next top two teams in the competition Italy and Chile will have to work extra hard to go through to the semi-finals. Both teams will have this goal today as they face Switzerland and Brazil respectively. In 2015 Switzerland met Germany in the finals but the placements here make this impossible for them should they win.

Germany still undefeated
Germany have still only lost one set in this competition so far and that was to Austria. They are still the undisputed favourites going into the semi-finals. Their semi-final game will begin at 1830 but with whom wont be known until the result of the 1200 game today.

Austria will have their sights set on the World Championship even more after their win against Switzerland yesterday. The young team definitely played the best fistball we have seen from them this competition but will it be enough to see them in the finals tomorrow?

Hightlights today

Switzerland vs. Italy 1200
Chile vs. Brazil 1315
Serbia vs. Poland at 1700
Germany’s semi-final at 1830
Austria’ semi-final at 2030

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