Live Day 5: Austria sends Switzerland into the placement round

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WINTERTHUR. Over 4100 came into stadium Schützenwiese to watch the match between Austria and the host team. Austria played like champions and will play either Brazil or Chile in tomorrow’s semi-final. Switzerland on paper, were the favourites coming into this match so Austria can be more than pleased with their result.


+++++  8. Round of 20:15  +++++

Austria came out firing on all cylinders and smashed the host team. They led with 7:4 but the Swiss were raring to go and brought the score back to 8 all. Austria worked hard and managed to win the first set 11:9.

Austria was on fire in the second set and Switzerland could not respond. Everything went Austria’s way with almost perfect fistball. Switzerland were overwhlmed by the form of the Austrians. And, in turn made unforced errors costing them more points

In the last set Switzerland fought back and almost brought Austria to a loss but it was too little too late and Austrai took the win 13:11. Austria now have one less game to play tomorrow with only the semi-final at 2030 and will either play against Chile or Brazil.

Raphael Schlattinger #3 for the Swiss side said after the match „we just couldn’t find a way into the game. All the five of us made stupid mistakes and Austria played very well in all positions. We did not play as well as we could and this is why Austria won. They deserved to win“

Stefan Wolfahrt the Austrian #10 said „finally after five years we could beat Switzerland in a competition match. The fans were amazing. It was a massive atmosphere in the stadium. We are already looking forward to our semi-final tomorrow“.

Austria – Switzerland 3-0 (11:9, 11:6 13:11)

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Germany will play either Switzerland or Italy tomorrow at 1830.

 +++++  7. Round of 19:00  +++++

Germany proved too strong for the Brazilian side. While the South American team played great fistball only dropping off in the third set.  In the second set there were some great attacking balls with points going back and forth at times. Gabriel Heck spiked the ball straight at Patrick Thomas and knocked him down but in the end Germany won the set 11:9.

Brazil went one up at the beginning of the third  set. Germany’s spiker Patrick Thomas then took the serve and returned in kind with a blinder straight down the middle smoking the Brazilian defence. Germany are very calm and collected under pressure performing at a higher level tonight than we’ve seen before at this competition.

Germany had zero service and return errors in the match opposed to Brazil’s six showing why they are considered the favourite team at the 2019 Men’s World Championship.

Brazil will play Chile tomorrow at 1315 and Germany proceeds straight through to the semi-finals.

Germany – Brazil 3-0 (11:7, 11:9, 11:6)

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+++++  6. Round of 17:45  +++++

Namibia lost their game to Italy rather than the Italian team decisively winning the match. The middle set could have gone either way but in the end Namibia couldn’t capitalise on being up against the Italians on set point numerous times. The game went down to the wire and ended 15:13 to Italy.  The main striker for Italy Armin Runer made the Namibians work hard in defence and along with the unforced errors of Namibia it proved enough on the day.

Italy – Namibia  3-0 (11:7, 15:13, 11:5)

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+++++  5. Round of 16:30  +++++

 Belgium surprise taking two wins in the President’s Cup elimination round

Australia looked flat against a bolstered Belgium team who played their best fistball to date.  The standings are still to be worked out and we wait to see what placing each team will have later today.

Belgium – Australia 3-0 (11:7, 11:5, 11:7)

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Chile disappoints Argentina

Argentina would have hoped for more from thier game against Chile. They will be disappointed in their performance, not playing as well as they are capable of. Chile played good fistball however maintaining their potential to make the finals on Saturday.

Argentina will face the loser of the Namibia and Italy game that begins at 1745 and will be playing for 7th or 8th  overall.

Chile – Argentina 3-0 (11:8, 11:7, 11:4)

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+++++  4. Round of 15:15  +++++

Italy beat New Zealand easily in three sets. The kiwi’s didn’t seem to get into the game and looked flat compared to the games we’ve seen from them up until now. Italy played well consistently keeping the Kiwi’s on the back foot.


Italy win to play Namibia in the next round

Italy win against New Zealand easily controlling the game. New Zealand’s hearts didn’t seem to be in it today and we missed the passion of previous matches. The Kiwi’s will meet USA in tomorrow’s game. If they win they can still make it into the 9th / 10th Placement Match.

Italy will face Namibia this afternoon at 1745 with the winner playing tomorrow for a spot in the semi-finals.

Italy – New Zealand  3-0 (11:8, 11:8, 11:6)

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Serbia take down the Netherlands

Serbia played better than this morning to beat the Netherlands. At the time of writing, Poland is the top placed team in the President’s Cup but with Australia playing Belgium currently we will have to wait to see the final rankings.

Serbia – The Netherlands 3-0 (11:8, 11:6, 11:5)

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+++++  3. Round of 14:00  +++++

The teams from America and Namibia played a nailbiting elimination game this afternoon. Namibia won the fourth set 15:13, taking the game. Namibia have exceeded expectations so far and excitement is building to see what they are capable of next. Poland beat Japan in three straight sets with the rain starting again at the end of the first set.

Namibia’s shock win

Team USA went into this match as the definite favourites having played excetional fistball to date. Namibia came out fighting and showed from the very first ball of the first set their will to win and they took the first set convincingly 11:6. With heavy rain starting in the second set defending the fast balls became more difficult for both teams. The USA made crucial mistakes throughout the game conceeding valuable points. Conversely Namibia lifted their game and played better than they have all tournament.

After their defeat to Germany yesterday the USA are now out of the running for the top spots and will play the loser of the Italy, New Zealand game that starts at 1515 today.

Namibia on the other can still become World Champions at this point in the competition.

Namibia – USA  3-1 (11:6, 5:11, 13:11, 15:13)

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Poland has their second win of the day

Poland defeated Japan in straight sets. Not everything went the way of Poland though, with Japan thoroughly warmed up from their first match and playing some great defensive fistball. Rain started at the end of the first set and continued throughout the game.

Poland - Japan 3-0 (11:5, 11:9, 11:6)

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+++++  2. Round of 12:45  +++++

Denmark takes a surprise seond set from Chile! While the Chilean team still won comfortably the Danes can take pride in a job well done. Chile is part of the extended favourite group ranked fifth coming into the competition. If Chile manages to beat , the winner of today’s Brazil vs. Germany match, tomorrow they will go throgh to the semi-finals. Belgium played well against Japan winning straight sets and playing solid fistball.

Japan still the crowd favourite

With rain clearing after the first round conditions were relatively dry for Belgium and Japan’s 1245 game. Belgium were dominant against Japan looking comfortable throughout the game. Japan managed to maintain positivity, their obvious enjoyment in having the opportunity to be a part of this competition is infectious.

Belgium – Japan  3-0 (11:11:7, 11:7, 11:5)

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Denmark manages to take a set off Chile at Schützenwiese

Denmark should be proud of their performance against a much stronger Chilean team, pllaying their best fistball to date. It took the loss to Denmark in the second set to wake up the South Americans and goad them into the match. Chile as the winners of this game now have the chance to progress to the semi-finals dependant on their performance tomorrow.

Chile - Denmark 3-1 (11:7, 11:7, 11:5)

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+++++  1. Round of 11:30  +++++

Australia shocks, convincingly beating Serbia

In wet conditions both teams looked as though they were under pressure. Australia recovered faster; maybe being from the southern hemisphere and therefore in Winter was an advantage to the underdogs? They won the first set well but Serbia managed to turn it back on and won sets two and three. The Australians broke the Serbians in the fourth and won the set 11:9. By the fifth set Australia were on a roll and won 11:5

Australia – Serbia 5-3 (11:7, 5:11, 5:11, 11:9, 11:5)

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The Czech Republic can’t answer back

Argentina were dominant against a Czech side outplayed. For the first few balls it looked as though it might be a close match but the Argentinians soon over took the European side and out classed them in every set.

Argentina – The Czech Republic  3-0 (11:5, 11:4, 11:1)

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Poland do the job

Poland looked to be affected by the wet weather more than the Netherlands making unforced errors. With the score close at 5:3 to Poland in the first set Poland then seemed to wake up winning straight points until 8:3. Netherlands took a time out and got the next point but it wasn’t enough and they lost the set 11:5. In the second set the Netherlands were up 7:3 and looked as if they had Poland on the back foot. Poland managed to rally winning the set in a close finish that was helped by three net touches in a row from the Netherlands. The rain picked up in the third but Poland were in the lead the whole time taking the game 3-0.

Poland – The Netherlands 3-0 (11:5, 12:10, 11:6)

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Day 5 - These are today's game encounters





+++++  6. Round of 20:15  +++++


America plays well against Germany


The USA has shown a lot of promise throughout this Championship and continued to display great Fistball in Stadium Schützenwiese today. They consistently returned German attacking balls and even put the German team on the back foot at times. Interviewed after the game #10 Mat Ogin said „we love playing against the best teams. In the game we got some really good chemistry and everyone contributed to the game. I’m really proud of the way we played“.

Germany allowed the USA into the game which they capitalised on scoring more points than either side would have expected. Germany’s spiker Nick Trinemeier said after the game“there is still room to improve and we had some difficulties with our concentraion, losing focus at times. We can’t allow this to happen going forward as the competition will only get harder from here. Tomorrow we will come out attacking against Brazil“


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+++++  5. Round of 19:00  +++++


Brazil won against Italy in first round of double elimination today. Italy didn’t do enough to hold on in the third set and force Brazil to a fourth. The game ended with a convincing win to the South Americans and Italy wasn’t able to break through Brazil’s strong defensive line up. Brazil had almost perfect setting with most balls able to be placed over the net allowing Brazil to strike the ball effectively. Brazil will play Germany tomorrow at 1900.


Brazil shows their class

Italy couldn’t put enough pressure on Brazil, unable to break through their defence they were overwhelmed by the stronger team. The closer score line in the last set came down more to Brazil’s errors than Italy winning points. The Brazilian coach Gerson Süffert was able to play nine of his ten players in the match. Italy’s coach Jörg Ramel played eight members of his team.

In a nice aside, Simon Prudenziati from Italy celebrated his 100th game, with his playing career spanning 20 years. Congratulations Simon!


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+++++  4. Round of 17.45  +++++

With the crowd definitely behind the Swiss team, Argentina had a hard fight  to not let the Swiss fans put them off. Argentina played well and fought passionately with great defence and attacking form. There were some fantastic rallys in the game but the home crowd was just too strong and with the added advantage of their crowd took the win.


Üle and Ueli work hard for Switzerland

Üle the Swiss mascot spent time on the field getting the crowd into the game and encouraging them to support their team. The mascot owl of Switzerland is a great addition to the 2019 competition and does a great job entertaining the crowd. The Swiss captain Ueli Rebsamen also worked hard for his team but went off for the second half of the game along with his fellow spiker Christian Lässer. This allowed Jan Meier and Raphael Schlattinger to come on in the spiking positions and really dominate the game.

#10 Tomas Cravero did the bulk of the serving for Argentina and his run up jump serve worked well for him throughout the game. The Argentinian defenders also worked hard for their team managing to save many attacks.

In the end however Argentina couldn’t prevail against the stronger home team of Switzerland and lost in straight sets.

Switzerland – Argentina 3-0 (11:5, 11:9, 11:5)

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+++++  3. Round of 16:30  +++++


Serbia without any problems against Japan

Serbia made lots of mistakes in the first set gifting Japan points. But they still won this set because of their more experienced play. In the second and third sets they took more risks which paid off taking Japan down in straight sets.

Serbia – Japan 3-0 (11:8, 11:4, 11:1)

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Chile on fire Austria fights back

Chile came out fighting and forced Austria to a fifth set. In the end Chile didn’t do enough to win the game. Both sides played with passion and skill and showed high class fistball throughout. It was a tense match but not on the expected world-class level. In the sets four and five Austria played a better game than Chile. Nevertheless Austria moves on to the quarter finals.

Austria – Chile  3-2 (10:12, 11:9, 9:11, 11:6, 11:6)

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+++++  2. Round of 15:15  +++++

USA works hard to beat the Czech Republic

Both teams played consistently throughout the match. The Czech side read the attacks of America and could defend the ball well throughout the game. They aso played a clever game placing the ball well on attack.  In the end team USA was just too powerful however.  The USA plays high class fistball and made the Czech’s work for every ball.

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Italy dominates

Italy had no problem winning against newcomer Denmark in the first Round of Double Elimination. The Italians were able to leave their top-strikers on the bench and gave the young players a chance to earn experience on the big stage. The 3-0 victory was achieved with 16-year old defensive player Matthias Spornberger and 18-year old striker Michele Scibona, two future talents. Denmark on the other hand struggled to work together as a team and consequently missed some good chances to return the ball into Italian territory.  Italy faces Brazil in the next round later today at 19:00


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Australia couldn’t stop the Polish

Australia played consistently throughout the match but in the end the powerful Polish attackers  proved too strong for them. The Australians fought really hard at the end of set three coming back from 5:10 to end the set 8:11. It just proved too late a run and Poland won three sets to none.


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+++++  1. Round of 15:15  +++++


All three games today were of great quality. The real surprise was the team from New Zealand wowed the crowds against Chile. The President’s Cup match between The Nether-lands and Belgium went all Belgium’s way. Namibia couldn't quite capitalise against Argentina.


New Zealand puts Chile on the run

Chile looked nervous against the pumped up New Zealand team at the start of the match . The New Zealand team took the first three points giving them a boost in confidence. Chile soon settled into their game and took the first set 11:8. Both teams played well but the relatively new Kiwi team couldn’t maintain the high level of fistball required and ended up losing three sets to one. Hopefully #4 Cristobal Modinger recovers quickly from his knee injury falling after striking in the third set.

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Namibia couldn’t quite capitalise

Namibia came out fighting and looked as though they would be able to keep up with Argentina. How-ever Argentina kept theirs heads and played solid fistball wearing the African team down. Eventually unforced errors and tighter play from the South Americans saw a three – nil victory to Argentina.

Belgium dominates their neighbours The Netherlands

The Netherlands were up at times against Belgium and in set two were ahead 8:6.  Belgium called a time out and managed to rally coming back on to win the match, conceeding only one point after this. The Netherlands had a vocal crowd and played consistently throughout the match but Belgium’s clever striking won out giving them the victory in straight sets.


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Day 4 - The Double Elimination beginns



+++++  16. Round of 20:15  +++++ 


Brazil showed class but couldn’t overcome the home team

In the game at 2015 tonight, Brazil played a tight first set. Playing with South American finesse Brazil dominated and Switzerland couldn’t fight back conceeding the first set. The second set was a tight one with Brazil pushing Switzerland past 11. In the third set Brazil seemed to lose momentum and the hosts capitalised winning the third set with the biggest margin of the day.

But the nail biter of the day was the last set of the game which went to 15 points. From 4-6 the points went back and forth like a tennis match, ending in a 15-14 loss to Brazil. The Brazilain spiker Jayme Andrioli said that the result was „ok for today, the next one will be a better game – we really had nothing to lose. There is an incredible atmosphere here“. Head coach of Switzerland, Oliver Lang said after the game  „it is crazy that there are so many people here in the stadium and world wide watching. This is the most amazing stadium we have ever played in“.

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+++++  15. Round of 19:00  +++++ 

Austria meet Germany in front of a huge crowd of around 4600 and take a win in the second set. Austria managed to put Germany on the back foot more than once during the match showing the world that they are a team to watch. Germany’s team discipline showed through with them staying as a tight unit and winning the match three sets to one.

Austria’s young team fight hard and worry the Germans

The Austrian’s played great Fistball showing amazing skills against the German favourites. Fabian Sagstetter, the German captain said “while we won I think Austria played well in every set and we saw that we need to play at the top level to win this world championship”. Austria took the first point in the third set and it continued to be close until the end when Germany pulled ahead to win 11:7. The German team kept their cool under pressure and consequently their form to have a decisive win in the end.

Both teams demonstrated the “Spirit of Fistball” admitting a foul apiece, showing the game at its best in the Schützenwiese stadium.

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