Preview Day 4: Double Elimination and President’s Cup begins

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WINTERTHUR. The fourth day of the 2019 Men’s Fistball World Championship fists off at 1400 with six teams meeting each other for the first time.  If any of the top two placing teams from Groups C and D manage to win their first game today, they will meet one of the top four ranked teams at this Championship. Out of the four countries that are represented here for the first time only New Zealand has made it through to double elimination. Belgium, The Netherlands and Poland will all play for the Presidents Cup over the next three days.


Will New Zealand be able to perform against Chile

Chile has played some amazing Fistball in this Championship so far and will the toughest team New Zealand has ever had to face. For New Zealand there is everything to play for but nothing to lose. Chile as the definite favourite must play at their best to secure a win and will be ready to fight when they take the pitch at 1400. If New Zealand lose this match, they will play against either Italy or Denmark tomorrow but if they can win then they will play Austria this afternoon.

How it works….

The top 12 teams fight for the coveted World Championship title by way of the double elimination system. Double elimination was introduced to Fistball for the first time in 2015 in Argentina. The advantage of this system is that it gives teams a second chance to make the semi-finals should they lose their first game. “With the Double Elimination mode, we found a format that is very attractive because every team has to go to the limit in every game” says Technical Delegate and Chair of the IFA Sports Commission Winfried Kronsteiner.

The bottom ranked six teams play for the Presidents Cup. The President’s Cup was introduced at the 2018 Women’s Fistball World Championship with New Zealand taking this title at their first appearance. At this time current President Karl Weiß said “The presidents cup gives the smaller nations the opportunity to play for their own winner and it will be thrilling to watch”.

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Photo: Valentin Weber / IFA