12.08.2019 - Group Stage

Zugriffe: 1265

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namibia 32px NAM 3:0 denmark 32px DEN
australia 32px AUS 1:3 netherlands 32px  NED
serbia 32px SRB 3:1 poland 32px  POL
czech republic 32px CZE 3:0 new zealand 32px NZL
belgium 32px BEL 0:3 poland 32px POL
australia 32px AUS 3:1 japan 32px JPN
denmark 32px DEN 3:0 netherlands 32px NED
austria 32px AUT 3:0 argentina 32px ARG
brazil 32px BRA 3:1 chile 32px CHI
germany 32px GER 3:0 italy 32px ITA
switzerland 32px SUI 3:0 united states 32px USA